Advances in computer technology move fast! Even if you buy a top-of-the-line computer, there’s a good chance it’ll be only mediocre in just a few years. Thankfully, it’s possible to upgrade computer hardware in Houston, TX. Before you run out and make a hefty investment in a whole new machine, let us outfit your PC with some upgrades to restore its speed, processing power and capabilities.


Adding more RAM is one of the most common hardware upgrades in Houston, TX and can have a big impact on your computer’s performance. Let us swap out those 2 measly 2GB sticks for a couple of 4GB or 8GB sticks and add a little zip to your computer, so you can run the many programs you need to.

Hard drives:

Running out of room on your hard drive? Coming off of a scary data loss after a failed hard drive? We’ve got the replacement you need. Let us outfit your computer with a solid-state drive that has all the space you need to store your files.

Optical disk drives:

CDs aren’t quite the relic they’re made out to be! If your laptop doesn’t have a disk drive but needs one, we’re happy to come to the rescue. We install optical drives to give you the CD space you need to install programs, play music or burn discs.


Need a little bump in processing power? We can outfit your computer with a new processor to boost its power and abilities. Say goodbye to that old duo-core and hello to a quad-core or something better!

Video cards:

Trying to run your favorite videogames at full performance settings, only to suffer from lag and other issues? A new video card will give you the power you need to game at the highest levels. Or, if you’re into graphic design and video editing, a top-notch video card is a must-have upgrade.


Most hardware upgrades are processed in a few minutes and can have a profound effect on your computer! If you’re worried about slow speeds, a lack of hard drive space or issues with media, contact iDeal IT Trends LLC today to inquire about hardware upgrades.

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