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Software upgrade services in houston tx


Computer software needs to be kept up-to-date to patch security flaws and run the latest programs. Unfortunately, sometimes an upgrade can be difficult to manage or your computer might not be ready for it. Whether you need an update or a downgrade/reinstall to the last stable version, iDeal IT Trends LLC is here to help.

We’re familiar with all Windows versions and have the ability to upgrade and downgrade to whatever version best suits your needs. We’re also familiar in troubleshooting third-party software to ensure everything is compatible and secure.

Os upgrade services in houston tx

OS Upgrades

It’s important to stay on top of operating system releases. If you need a Windows upgrade in Houston, TX, we’ll make sure you get it. We perform full upgrades to ensure everything is working properly and nothing is lurking to cause you problems after you take your computer home.

Software Support

Problems with your essential software after upgrading or installing a new operating system? Let us handle it. Often, third-party programs need to be updated as well. We’ll take care of this or can troubleshoot problems to restore everything to its natural working order for you.

Software support services in houston tx
Os installation in houston tx

OS Installations

A fresh Windows install in Houston, TX can work wonders for a computer that’s been giving you a lot of trouble lately! Wiping your computer and doing a fresh install resets everything to standard settings, clearing up things like registry issues, corrupt preferences and other headaches. Plus, we can backup and restore your data so it’s like nothing ever changed—except now you’ll have an operating system that cooperates!

We also offer downgrades to the last stable version of Windows. If you’ve upgraded and your computer can’t handle it or there’s an issue with the OS version you’ve installed, count on us to retrace your steps back to a working version.

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